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Red Roman (Chrysoblephus laticeps)

Chrysoblephus laticeps ('golden-eyed broad head'), also known as the Red Roman or Roman seabream, is a species of sea bream from southern African, ranging from Namibia to the Eastern Cape. There are also old records from Madagascar and Mauritius, but the validity of these is doubtful. This demersal fish grows to a maximum length of 50 centimetres (20 in) and a recorded mass of 4.2 kilograms (9.3 lb). It is a slow-growing species showing late [...]

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Hottentot (Pachymetopon blochii)

The hottentot (Pachymetopon blochii), also known as the Hottentot seabream, is a species of sea bream in the family Sparidae, native to the southwestern coast of Africa. The hottentot has a bronzy grey color, with darker fins. The small mouth contains five rows of incisors in both upper and lower jaw, but no molars. Adults are commonly around 25 cm in length at the age of maturity, but may reach up to 54 cm, with a maximum recorded weight of 2.67 kg. The species is a [...]

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Documentation and Regulations

SAMSA Marine Notice no 6 of 2015 - Replacement of 29Mhz with VHF This must be done for boats surveyed after 1st January 2016. We can continue to use our 29Mhz radios as voluntary equipment for intership communications, communications with clubs, licenced launch sites etc. However these 29Mhz radios will no longer be appropriate to fulfill safety requirements (eg MAYDAY) Click here for full SAMSA document. Please make sure that your VHF radio has DSC capability because [...]

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Club Facilities

Our fully equipped club house provides a venue for fellowship amongst anglers, with Friday Functions being a popular event. Members gather every Friday to share a drink together and plan out the weekends fishing. A fishing competition is held on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The attached boat yard has parking bays for boats and is very close to the slip.

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